Spy agency employees caught oversharing on LinkedIn and Facebook

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The Belgian press is up in arms after members of the country’s state security agency were found promoting themselves and their professional affiliation on social networks. Turns out: it’s not that …
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Spy Tech: 10 CIA-Backed Investments – InformationWeek

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Spy Tech: 10 CIA-Backed InvestmentsInformationWeekThey’re artifacts in the CIA museum, a collection of spy gadgets, weapons, and memorabilia that goes back 100 years. U.S.
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Ideas to Sharpen Your Competitive Intelligence Persona

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There are three simple steps to play the part of an aggressive competitive & market intelligence professional.

It’s the only way you’ll be completely equipped to reveal competitor secrets, strategize before an attack, and confuse the competition. At clearCi, we like to call this being “suited up for success.” When you’re suited up for success, you have the knowhow to form conclusions and effectively respond to a competitor’s predetermined moves.

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How to Find Market Intelligence Gems on Q&A Sites

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Competitive intelligence teams use CI software to monitor and collect market intelligence from Q&A sites.

Even though market & competitive intelligence teams regularly monitor online listening posts (i.e., competitor web pages, social media, forums and blogs), they could easily be overlooking niche sites that gather other expert, employee, industry and nuggets of market intelligence altogether.

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5 Ways Competitive Intelligence Software Directly Benefits Marketing

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Ways to use competitive and market intelligence technology to scan multiple competitor websites and help marketers spend their time wisely.

Competitive intelligence technology has proven to achieve this balance by collecting insight from competitor websites and unique data sources to shape a marketer’s next strategic move.

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