Become a human lie detector

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Former CIA officer Phil Houston created new techniques for recognizing lies.

Theodor S Klemming‘s insight:

Bear with the commerical at the beginning.


Spy the Lie is a strongly recommended read. It talks about body language based, as well as verbal, indicators of lie and deception. An important difference between Spy the Lie and many other instructions for body language interpretation is that in this book, Phil Houston and his fellow authors strongly emphasize the importance of always observing the subject’s behavior following a specific stimulus, typically an interview question. You can never know exactly what the response and behavior means, so therefore you must know exactly what is was that caused the response and behavior – i.e. the question you asked. Spy the Lie also stays far away from cliché judgements such as ‘looking upwards-right means you are making the story up as you go’ and similar generalizations and over-simplifications. If you are in to humint, do read Spy the Lie.

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