An article to share: JPMorgan paying $100M, admitting manipulation of prices in settlement over $6B trading loss

JPMorgan paying $100M, admitting manipulation of prices in settlement over $6B trading loss

Fingerprint Cards Kursrusning efter fräck aktiebluff

Det skrämmande är inte att någon gjorde det. Det skrämmande är att det räckte med att registrera en domän, sätta upp ett mailkonto och köpa ett kontantkort.

Social Engineering at its best. Låt tönt-firman Cision betala alla skador som straff för sin totala kompetenslöshet kring informationssäkerhet. Jag trodde att potentialen för dylika enkla scams gick till noll ungefär samtidigt som Kevin Mitnick åkte in på kåken.


Kursrusning efter fräck aktiebluff | Näringsliv | SvD.

BitCoin – the digital currency that fuels the business of drug pushers, card skimmers and hired murderers

Bitcoin – P2P digital currency.

While the idea behind the decentralized, peer-to-peer, digital currency BitCoin has nothing to do with cyber criminality, it has become the currency of choice for the vendors of goods and services that thrive in the .onion pseudo TLD (“onionland”) that is accessed through the TOR network.

And what goods and services might that be? Well, let’s start with stolen credit cards, ecstasy, amphetamine, pirated commercial software, contract killings, customized hacker attacks and child pornography.

Do you want to get a first hand view of the market place?

1. Get the portable TOR Browser Bundle:

2. Start the TOR browser, and go to this URL (wait for it to load, since the TOR network often suffers from very low bandwith): http://kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

3. Start browsing through the links and see what you can find.