Fingerprint Cards Kursrusning efter fräck aktiebluff

Det skrämmande är inte att någon gjorde det. Det skrämmande är att det räckte med att registrera en domän, sätta upp ett mailkonto och köpa ett kontantkort.

Social Engineering at its best. Låt tönt-firman Cision betala alla skador som straff för sin totala kompetenslöshet kring informationssäkerhet. Jag trodde att potentialen för dylika enkla scams gick till noll ungefär samtidigt som Kevin Mitnick åkte in på kåken.


Kursrusning efter fräck aktiebluff | Näringsliv | SvD.

BitCoin – the digital currency that fuels the business of drug pushers, card skimmers and hired murderers

Bitcoin – P2P digital currency.

While the idea behind the decentralized, peer-to-peer, digital currency BitCoin has nothing to do with cyber criminality, it has become the currency of choice for the vendors of goods and services that thrive in the .onion pseudo TLD (“onionland”) that is accessed through the TOR network.

And what goods and services might that be? Well, let’s start with stolen credit cards, ecstasy, amphetamine, pirated commercial software, contract killings, customized hacker attacks and child pornography.

Do you want to get a first hand view of the market place?

1. Get the portable TOR Browser Bundle:

2. Start the TOR browser, and go to this URL (wait for it to load, since the TOR network often suffers from very low bandwith): http://kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

3. Start browsing through the links and see what you can find.

Trend Micro Identifies “lol profile” Malware Spreading via Skype as DORKBOT | SiliconANGLE

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If you use Skype, you’ve likely been privy to an odd message coming from some of your contacts that says, “lol is this your new profile pic?”

The Trojan is a type of malware that identifies as WORM_DORKBOT.DN. Once infection sets in, the malware allows an attacker complete control of the targeted system with capabilities including password theft, ransomware, and even the ability to launch a DDOS attack from the system.

Aside from the payload is separate infector malware that acts as the vector by which the Trojan spreads.

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Google stills holds sensitive New Zealand WiFi information

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Google has come under fire from the New Zealand Privacy Commission after it was forced to admit that it still holds sensitive information it illegally obtained from New Zealand WiFi networks.

Some WiFi users’ information was accessed when Google captured data from unsecured WiFi networks during its Street View filming in 2008.

Google told government officials in July that it still had payload information from WiFi networks, despite saying months earlier that all information had been destroyed and it had been verified by an independent agency.

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FinSpy Software Is Tracking Political Dissidents

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Two researchers say an off-the-shelf computer program has been used to monitor and spy on dissidents in countries around the world.

“What they found was the widespread use of sophisticated, off-the-shelf computer espionage software by governments with questionable records on human rights. While the software is supposedly sold for use only in criminal investigations, the two came across evidence that it was being used to target political dissidents.

But what made the software especially sophisticated was how well it avoided detection. Its creators specifically engineered it to elude antivirus software made by Kaspersky Lab, Symantec, F-Secure and others.”

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